Book Buzz and The Winner


I wish I had more time to read, so I could read all the books I want to, all at once.  One book I’m really looking forward to reading is Mary Pearson’s The Fox Inheritance.

The summary taken from Mary’s web site:

Once there were three. Three friends who loved each other—Jenna, Locke, and Kara. After a terrible accident destroyed their bodies, their three minds were kept alive, spinning in a digital netherworld. Even in that disembodied nightmare, they were still together. At least at first. When Jenna disappeared, Locke and Kara had to go on without her. Decades passed, and then centuries.
Two-hundred-and-sixty years later, they have been released at last. Given new, perfect bodies, Locke and Kara awaken to a world they know nothing about, where everyone they once knew and loved is long dead.
Everyone except Jenna Fox.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? My teen daughter and I both loved the book that came before this one: The Adoration of Jenna Fox.  I hope I can read the new book very soon!

The Winner of Tuesday’s ARC drawing is…..well, first let me share the process:

1. I wrote the names of those who entered on paper and then crumpled them into balls. This sound alone makes Trixie come running.  I then put her in a sit-stay and put the pile across the room from her.

2. Once I tell her, “Okay!” she dashes over and picks one name.

3. I call her over and she (kind of) drops the slightly damp with dog drool paper into my hand.

Who is the lucky winner of the ARC of all these things i’ve done?

Congratulations Becky Levine!!! Please send me an email (click on contact info above) and give me your mailing address. The ARC will be on its way to you ASAP!
Thanks, everyone, who entered. There will be other drawings so be sure to come back!

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