A Reading Rave


I have a several friends with whom I share reading tastes.  Without fail, every book one of these friends recommends to me has been one I loved. It’s rare to find that kind of similarity in tastes with one friend, rarer still with several.  Recently, one of those friends recommended a book that for some reason I resisted for a while. I’m not sure where that resistance came from because I’d read and liked other books by this author. Perhaps it was the blurb/summary, although I don’t have the book right now to check. In any case, it took well over a month, maybe two, before I picked up the book. Once I started reading, I didn’t want to put it down.

Blink & Caution by Tim Wynne-Jones (Candlewick/2011)  Young adult fiction

Blink, after having run away from home to save himself, gets his meals by sneaking into hotels and eating leftovers on trays in hallways.  One day, he gets a glimpse of what looks like a fake kidnapping, and learns much more after he’s able to get into the hotel room.  Caution also runs away from home after a trauma and lives on the streets with a death wish. After escaping from her druggie boyfriend/captor, Caution tries to make her way somewhere/anywhere – and comes across Blink. Together they end up entangled in the possibly false kidnapping mystery, and as they learn to trust each other and rely upon each other, friendship blossoms. This sometimes bleak story has real hope – and the kind of ending I appreciate.


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