Teatime Tuesday with Liz Braswell


Welcome to a new series I’m calling Teatime Tuesday where I’ll post my interviews with authors about their journeys to publication. Some of you might remember a similar series I did last year called Coffee Break Tuesdays.  Because I’ve recently stopped drinking coffee (very shocking) and switched to tea, I’ve changed the title of this series and also changed some of the questions. I hope you enjoy this new series!

Today I’d like to welcome author Liz Braswell. I’ve been a long-time fan of her books, reader of her blog, and though I’ve yet to meet her face-to-face (we hope to remedy that someday) , we’ve kept in touch via blogs and emails and I can assure you, she is one of the nicest and funniest people around!

What was your first published book and what was it about?

Snow (published under the name Tracy Lynn).  It was a retelling of Snow White set in the 19th century with some steampunk (booya, before it was cool!) twists…  The dwarves aren’t exactly dwarves, and Snow isn’t a dummy.

How long did your journey to publication take and what were the significant events along the way?
That’s a hard one to date.  From fourth grade or 1994, depending how you look at it.  I was producing video games for Simon and Schuster’s interactive division and petitioned an editor there from day one to buy a book from me.  It was more like day 2001, but still!  Along the way I had my first short story published, in Amazing Stories magazine, and many more rejected.

Who/what were your sources of inspiration and how did they help you the most?
There was a teacher in my elementary school who took a group of us and had us make books, from start to finish.  That was the first real feeling I had that I could WRITE.  All of my other mentors were quasi imaginary:  Lloyd Alexander, Deborah and James Howe, Roald Dahl, Rudyard Kipling…  I read them, and wanted to be them.
Do you have any rituals that you use when you’re writing?
Coffee?  Uh, no real ritual.  I just write when I get a chance to write.  With two small kids, I grab every chance I can, no time for rituals.
Describe your writing space. What about it makes it perfect for you?
Kitchen table.  Balcony table.  Upstairs on Alex’s homework table, hunched over.  Bed.  I think my ‘perfect’ space right now is a two-person table at Cafe Grumpy (Greenpoint!).  I seem to write best when there is white noise–humming talk, nothing distracting–and absolutely nothing else I can do but work.  Sometimes I even  turn off my internets.  Constant coffee (or genmaicha) also a bonus.  When I need to sit and stare, the people walking by outside provide good visual white noise, although sometimes the hats that hipsters wear can be a little distracting.  I have this near overwhelming urge to rush over and knock them off.

What is your most recently published book or upcoming release? What is it about?

It’s not my most recently written, but the re-release of The Nine Lives of Chloe King 1-3 in conjunction with the TV show were the most recently published.  It’s about a girl who turns 16 and develops cat powers.  I’m working on a bunch of different stuff right now, coming soon to a publisher near you.

Thanks, Liz, for stopping by!

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    • Thank YOU for stopping by! 🙂 Can you believe I’ve cut out coffee? Shocking! But I’ve been much less sloggy tired in the afternoons now. I read and enjoyed SNOW long ago – I recommend it!

  1. What fun! Knocking off hats, Cafe Grumpy! 🙂

    Love the idea of cat powers . . .

    I CANNOT imagine you without coffee. What’s the world coming to? But as a tea drinker myself, I’m very happy with “Teatime Tuesdays”, and am looking forward to more interesting interviews!

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