A Reading Rave and a Reading Retreat


I loved Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins for its fabulous setting (American boarding school in Paris) and gloriously tension-filled love story between Anna and St. Clair. When her second book came out, I pounced!

Lola and the Boy Next Door was not a disappointment! Once again, Perkins artfully teases me with two characters who so obviously care about each other, but because of misunderstandings, a meddling twin sister, and bad timing, they can’t quite act on their feelings. This time, the story is set in San Francisco (my birth place!). The main character, Lola, age 17, knows that her boyfriend Max is “the one”! Unfortunately, neither her dads nor her best friend approve – Max is 22 and in an indie punk band. When the Bell twins move back in next door – Calliope, an up-and-coming ice skating champion, and Cricket, the boy who broke Lola’s heart – Lola is determined to ignore them. But Cricket makes that an impossible thing to do.  Fans of the first book will be thrilled that Anna and St. Claire appear in this book! Lola and the Boy Next Door is another fabulous story about love and friendship. A definite reading rave!

Speaking of reading – something I obviously love to do – I’m trying something new today. A friend and I are going on a reading retreat! I promise to blog about my experience next week, and maybe you would like to plan something similar!

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  1. A reading retreat! Ooh! That sounds wonderful! I adored Anna And The French Kiss, so am very happy to hear that Lola And The Boy Next Door is so good; can’t wait to read it!

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