Teatime Tuesday with KL Going


Welcome back to Teatime Tuesday where I interview authors about their journeys to publication. These interviews are similar to my Coffee Break Tuesday interviews of last year except for a few new questions and I’ve since given up coffee.  Today I’m excited to share with you my interview with the awesome KL Going. She’s the author of some incredible YA novels as well as a craft book, Writing and Selling the YA Novel.  In addition to being a gifted writer, she is super nice!

What was your first published title and what was it about?

My first published title was Fat Kid Rules the World, a YA about a three hundred pound teenager who is drawn into a punk rock group by a semi-homeless genius guitar player. (Incidentally, this book is now an independent film. Help us find a distributor by clicking the “like” button on the film’s Facebook page!)

How long did your journey to publication take and what were the significant events along the way?

My journey to publication with this novel was incredibly quick. But, to set the stage, I must tell you about the novel I submitted BEFORE that one. Although this previous novel did not get published, it got great feedback from editors and one editor said she was interested in reading it again. I waited on pins and needles for over a year with no response, despite multiple follow-ups. So, when submitting Fat Kid, I prepared myself for a long haul. We submitted it on Friday and it sold the following Tuesday! Just goes to show that publishing experiences can be really different.

Who/what were your sources of inspiration and how did they help you the most?

I had a co-worker who was in a band and he was invaluable when I was writing Fat Kid. These days, my inspiration comes from my two year old, which is why I’ve been writing more picture books. I love reading to him, seeing what works and what doesn’t, what he enjoys and when he gets bored.

Do you have any rituals that you use when you’re writing?

Yes. I check my e-mail first, and that’s a HUGE mistake, but it’s sort of an addiction. Then I get tea and procrastinate. Ha.

Describe your writing space. What makes it perfect for you?

My writing space is definitely not perfect for me. I write wherever I can – bed, couch, local library… I dream of a beautiful, organized office with a gorgeous view out a giant window, but so far I haven’t gotten there. Still, writing can be done anywhere and if you wait for perfection it will never happen.

What is your most recently published book or upcoming release? What is it about?

I have a picture book called Dog in Charge out this summer. It’s illustrated by Dan Santat and it’s about a dog who gets left in charge of five wily cats. This will be my first published picture book, so I’m very excited about it. Plus, the art is amazing. I have never seen such an expressive dog. The pictures are bright, fun, and creative. I can’t wait to share it with kids!

For more about KL Going, check out her site and read her blog!

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