A Writing (Reading) Challenge – Letters!


Remember letters? The kind you received in the mailbox or folded up in your locker? Remember sitting down to write one to a friend, filling it with your inner most emotions and juicy gossip? Or having a pen-pal you corresponded with regularly, whom you never met?  Thumbs up to Jo Knowles who posted about a fun letter-writing challenge.  It’s called The Month of Letters Challenge, put forth by Mary Robinette Kowal. She challenges participants to write one letter (postcard, note, card) and send it to a friend every mailing day in February (24 days in all). I’m in!

I recall exchanging letters with my friend Lisa, ever since we were in elementary school, all the way into college. We see each other fairly regularly still, and we exchange brief emails or texts, but it’s been decades since we’ve exchanged letters. I still own some of our letters from our teens years! I also loved passing notes in junior high and high school. Folding the notebook paper into fun “origami” shapes and slipping it into a friend’s locker or exchanging notes in the halls during passing period.  When I was in 6th grade in Los Angeles, I had a pen pal in Albany, NY. I wonder whatever happened to her? Funny that I ended up living there (in Clifton Park) decades later.

Today, it’s a rarity that I receive (or send) real mail. I get cards from good friends and an occasional catch up letter over the holidays. I love receiving those! And in fact, sat down to write a real letter in response to one this past Christmas. I love the feeling I get when I take time to write a note to someone I care about, I love putting a stamp on the envelope, and yes, I even love putting it into the mailbox. I’m excited to participate in this! Anyone else think this is a grand idea? If so, join in! Write a letter or a postcard or a note and send it off to someone you know!

Maybe you’ll even receive a letter from me! I hope you write back! If you write to me, I promise to respond!


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  1. What a coincidence it is that I just left a comment for someone else earlier today on her blog about how, while I appreciate email, I miss the good old days when people sent note cards and stationery.

  2. I love this idea. I’m joining in. There is something delicious about recognizing handwriting on an envelope – it brings that very particular someone immediately to mind.

    Not sure I’ll do all the color coding with different markers I used to do in my notes to my friends, but I’ll definitely write!

  3. I agree, I’m joining in too.

    Most people really do enjoy receiving ‘real’ handwritten mail through the post (as well as any electronic versions of well wishes).

    It certainly breaks up the monotony of wading through the bills.

    Make someone’s chore into a pleasure – send a letter!

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