And The Winner Is….! (Chronal Engine)


Thank you to everyone who stopped by to read the spotlight on Greg Leitich Smith and his newest novel Chronal Engine! It was fun hearing everyone’s favorite dinosaurs.  I’m currently in North Carolina, visiting my father-in-law (who does not have – gasp – WiFi).  Trixie was not able to travel with us, so she wasn’t able to draw the winning name.

This is Charlie, my father-in-law’s cat. Charlie not only didn’t want anything to do with me, but didn’t have any interest in helping pick the winning name. Hrumph! (I’m just lucky he didn’t swat me.)

This is Suzie, my brother-in-law David’s boxer. She would have loved to help, except she was such a blur, and sooooo excited that there was no way I would have been able to get a picture.

In order to write and post the winning name, I needed an internet connection, so hubby and I drove to Panera in Wilmington, NC where I was able to get WiFi (hooray) and find a willing helper:

Here is a friendly Panrea employee drawing the winning name! (Thank you!)  And the winner of a copy of Chronal Engine by Greg Leitich Smith?

Eric Luper!!! Hooray! Eric, be sure to contact me via email and send me your mailing address! I’ll be sure to mail Chronal Engine to you promptly! Thanks to everyone who entered. Be sure to come back for more drawings in the near future!

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