Monthly Archives: July 2012

Summer Break


Bookhead sculpture by Robert Arneson in front of Shields Library on the campus of my alma mater, UC Davis

Summer has officially started and I hope you all are enjoying it so far! I’ll be taking a short hiatus in July as I get back to revising my novel. I’m not taking a break from reading, but I am taking a break from reading MG/YA novels just for the month of July. I look forward to diving back in soon. My list of To Read books is towering and I’m determined to put a dent in my adult fiction and nonfiction pile. In the meantime, I may pop back in to make MG/YA related announcements and I’ll be prepping some very cool interviews with authors in the near future! And yes, there will be more contests/drawings!

I’d love to hear what you’re reading and loving these days. (Sure, add another book or two or ten to my towering To Read pile!)

Happy Summer!