Summer Break


Bookhead sculpture by Robert Arneson in front of Shields Library on the campus of my alma mater, UC Davis

Summer has officially started and I hope you all are enjoying it so far! I’ll be taking a short hiatus in July as I get back to revising my novel. I’m not taking a break from reading, but I am taking a break from reading MG/YA novels just for the month of July. I look forward to diving back in soon. My list of To Read books is towering and I’m determined to put a dent in my adult fiction and nonfiction pile. In the meantime, I may pop back in to make MG/YA related announcements and I’ll be prepping some very cool interviews with authors in the near future! And yes, there will be more contests/drawings!

I’d love to hear what you’re reading and loving these days. (Sure, add another book or two or ten to my towering To Read pile!)

Happy Summer!


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  1. Have a good semi-break! I see Bel Canto on your list, and am in the middle of enjoying her most recent novel, which is fantastically plotted with great characters and pacing. I’m shamefully blanking out on the title, which has Wonder in it.

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