A Reading Break


I just moved from CA to CT. What I’ve been doing instead of reading these past few weeks:

My office in CA, packed up. Sigh.

Movers loaded up all our stuff from our CA house.

Sacked out for a week in a hotel while waiting for our things to arrive.

Moved into our temporary home right on the water. First day in the house, I sat on the porch to soak up the view.

Enjoying many sunrises and sunsets while taking many walks along the shore.

Taking lots of pictures of the sights – including this belted kingfisher.

Amid, unpacking boxes and settling into this lovely furnished ocean-side house, trying to switch everything over to CT (driver’s license, insurance, etc), I was blessed to make new friends and to have our first visitor (dear friend, Cindy Lord).

Lunch at Mystic Pizza – food was fabulous, company even better!

Oh, and I learned to make a fire. I’m a born and bred city-girl so this was a huge accomplishment for me.

I’m trying to find time to read and write, but mostly I’m focused on getting settled while hubby starts his new job. I promise to get back to reading and blogging very soon!

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  1. Pretty shots! Looks like you are adjusting very well so far in your new locale. Moving is hard work, especially moving cross country. Hope you read some good books when you settle in 🙂

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