A Reading Slump


I know I’ve been quiet over here – it’s unintentional. I hope to get back to regular blogging this week, after we’re able to move back into our house, post-Sandy. (Furnace and oil tank were ruined in flooded basement – replacements being installed today.)

I am in a bit of a reading slump and I can’t figure out why. It could be that a month ago, we up and moved across the country with only about a month’s notice. It could be that we’re in a temporary living situation and still house-hunting. It could be that we’re spending a lot of time “moving in” – getting new driver’s licenses, figuring our new hometown (which we really do love), and trying to find a new routine. And no doubt Hurricane Sandy contributed.

And yet, I’ve never had such a hard time finding a book to get lost in. A few weeks ago, a good friend and a well-known author had me read her manuscript that was sitting with her editor. It was, in a word, AMAZING! I cannot wait till it’s published and I can rave about it here! Then recently, another good friend and well-known author, had me read her manuscript, also with her editor, and again, I was WOWed!

During this last month, I’ve otherwise been floundering. Three of the books I picked up failed to grab me during the first 3 chapters. I put those books down. Another book that I found engaging and fun had a very similar premise to a story I’ve been working on. The characters and the details of the story were all very different, but the premise so similar that I was distracted. I had to put that one down. Another book is part of a series and I was excited to read it – but halfway through I found myself completely disinterested in the story and the characters I had once loved. What was that about?

I can’t blame the authors/writing – I suspect that mostly my mind is just not engaged in reading. This is very odd and unsettling for me. Friends are recommending books to me, and I’m only half-interested. This is not me!!!! Has this happened to any of you before? Have you had to take a break from reading? Or been “forced” to because you just weren’t getting lost in your reading?

I’m not even sure what I’m looking for right now – sometimes I’m in the mood for literary, sometimes I want brain candy, other times I crave mystery and suspense, and many times I want to lose myself in a good love story.

Last night I started yet another book – and I think this one might be the one that gets me back into reading. I also am waiting for Barbara Kingsolver’s newest – which I believe is released this week. Maybe that will be the book that puts me back on track! We’ll see!

Here’s hoping I hop out of this slump soon! Happy reading to you!


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  1. Started reading David Copperfield with 46 others for a seminar offered at my library. Never thought to bother, now I am so glad I did! Hope the new one you’ve stepped into invites you to ‘stay’!

  2. Hey Debbi, I know EXACTLY how you feel–this happens to me every once in a while, a kind of reading fatigue where I just can’t find anything that holds my interest. I fight it and fight it and keep searching and tossing out books after the first few chapters until I finally give up. At that point, I pull out some books of poetry: Naomi Shihab Nye, Mary Oliver, Marie Howe, and just read a poem or two at a time and then bake, or take a nap or do something else with my sacred reading time. Somehow it never fails that the perfect book slips into my radar in the next few days. Once I’ve let go. It’s worth a try, right?

    • It’s always good advice for both reading and writing! 😉 Sometimes I need a break, and that’s all I need. Good idea about poetry. I’m going to grab my book of Mary Oliver this afternoon! thank you!

  3. Debbie, you have been thru a lot–it may just be being so unsettled. Give it time. Meanwhile, I’m just readimg Jodi Lynn Anderson’s TIGER LILY. Not cheerful, but I do highly recommend.

  4. Well, yes, you’ve certainly had some things to wrestle and compete for space in your head. And I do know that reading slump feeling… What I did most recently was switch to adult books (usually I read more YA and MG). I looooved Shine Shine Shine by Lydia Netzler and had fun with Edenbrooke: A Proper Romance by Julia Donaldson.

    Thinking of you and wishing you settled and cozied in.

    • Good advice – I tried an adult book yesterday and I loved the opening enough to buy it. Here’s hoping I’ll keep feeling engaged with the story and characters. I’ll post it on my “What I’m Reading” section if I am still reading it by the weekend! 😉

  5. Sorry about your reading slump. You’ve been going through a lot with the cross country move and the challenging weather, so it’s understandable. Easy by Tammara Webber got me out of a reading slump if you are in the mood for something romantic in the new adult genre. I want to hear more about these manuscripts you’ve been reading!

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