Holiday Book Gifts


I love giving books as gifts and to all the young people on my list, I always give books. I’ve been giving my daughter books as gifts for her entire life. In fact, when she was much younger, she became slightly jaded about signed copies, because she received them from me almost all the time.

Ever since she became old enough to read the same (YA) books as I read, I’ve loved even more picking out books for her. It’s not only a book I loved, but one that I think she will love, too (as our tastes sometimes diverge). I love it when she insists that I read a book she loved, too. One of the highest compliments my teen gave me recently was after she bought a book I hadn’t read (so I couldn’t recommend it). She started it and didn’t like it and didn’t finish it. She said, “I should have known better than to buy a book you didn’t recommend.”

I won’t share what book I’m getting her this year because I don’t want to give away the surprise (for her). Here are a few books I gave my (now 17 year old) daughter that were hits:


The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson

When Rory’s parents take a sabbatical to teach in England, Rory leaves behind her small bayou town in Louisiana and attends a boarding school in London. Just as she starts her first day, Jack the Ripper murders start taking place. She makes quick friends with her roommate Jaz and her group of friends, including the cute but shy Jerome, who is rather obsessed with the murders.

I don’t want to go into more of the book because I hate spoilers and I would hate to give anything away. I didn’t get this book for my daughter for Christmas but for summer right before she was going to London. 😉 She’s greatly looking forward to the next book coming out in early 2013!


Plain Kate by Erin Bow

Plain Kate is going to be a master carver, like her father, until a strange plague sweeps through her town and leaves her an orphan.  With only her cat as her companion, Kate tries to survive on the streets.  When a strange man shows up, she suspects him a witch and her fears are confirmed when he tricks her out of her shadow. He gives her a gift in exchange, but because of this (and the lack of a shadow) Kate knows she must flee before being burned as a witch.

I loved this book so much! I still recommend it to others. And I love it also because right after my daughter finished reading it? She came over to me and gave me a huge hug, thanking me for getting her the book. It was THAT good.

Finally, I got this book for her last year:


The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

On the island of Thisby, the Scorpio Races are held every November. And every November men die. These are not ordinary horse races on the beach. The horses are the capilll uisce, mysterious man-eating horses from the sea. Thisby men capture and train them for the race, both man and horse in danger as the capill uisce long to be back in the sea. Nobody knows this better than Sean Kendrick, who trains and works for the successful stable on the island. He and the beloved capill uisce Corr have won the race four times over – and he longs to be able to own Corr – the two belong together. Puck (Kate) Connolly has never wanted anything to do with the races (having lost her parents to the capill uisce), but when circumstances force her, she decides to break all unspoken rules and enter the race.

My daughter who has been super busy with AP classes, SAT/ACT tests, extra curricular activities, and college applications has not had much time this year for pleasure reading. I’m anxious for her to read this book, and I know she will when she has the chance (maybe this break). I want her to love it as much as I did!

Stayed tuned for my 2012 Reading List – all the books I read and loved this year.

And don’t forget to enter for a chance to win a signed copy of The Girl in the Wall by Daphne Bendis-Grab.


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  1. I’m really intrigued by Plain Kate now. Thinking of getting it for my niece. Thanks for the recommendations! Books are my favorite gift to give (and receive), too!

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