What To Expect in 2013


My blog-aversary came and went without fanfare last September. Oops! I hope to do something more celebratory this coming September!

I have goals for this blog in 2013 and I hope to meet them all! Here’s what you can expect this coming year:

1. A new series: Coffee Break Tuesday! Okay, it’s new only to this blog. A couple of years ago on my writing blog, I started a series of interviews with authors chatting about their journey to publication and writing in general. I have a great line up of authors for 2013. Come join us for coffee (or tea if you prefer) and conversation!

2. More Spotlight Interviews! I love putting the spotlight on authors and their newly released books – and I love giving away copies of books to enthusiastic readers.

3. More book buzz and raves! I’ve upped my reading goal from 50 books (which I surpassed in 2012) to 100. Eep! I hope I can do it! More reading means more book buzz and raves here! I look forward to sharing with you.

4. If there’s anything you’d like to see here, do let me know! Thank you so much for stopping by.

Happy 2013 and happy reading! I look forward to hearing about your raves and reviews.

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  1. Coffee Break Tuesday sounds like great fun! And I know you’ll meet your reading goal. So many good books to look forward to this year 🙂

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