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One of the biggest thrills about being an author is receiving fan mail – a note from a complete stranger thanking me for something I wrote or praising something about one of my books. It’s an amazing feeling! I try to share my love when I read a book that touches me. These days it’s easy to contact an author, either via their web site or Facebook or Twitter.

In my last post, I raved about author Jojo Moyes and the two books of hers that I read (and LOVED): Me Before You and The Last Letter From Your Lover. I contacted her via her site to let her know how much I loved her books. I didn’t expect to hear back because she is a “Big Name Author” on tour, but guess what? I received a very gracious and warm email from her – apologizing for the delay in her response (yes, she’s touring). I am over the moon! A note from a new favorite author! Wonderful!

Have you read a book lately that you loved? Why not drop a note to the author and let her/him know? Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Spread the love! Happy reading!


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  1. That’s awesome — so encouraging to know that there are still people (like you) who find the time to send fan mail, and people (like JoJo) who are gracious enough to write back :). It *is* a lovely idea to send good thoughts out for Valentine’s Day!

  2. What a treat to get a reply back from a favorite author! I sent a copy of the book review I did for BookBrowse on Clare Vanderpool’s new novel, Navigating Early to her and received a very nice reply. It was a thrill!

  3. I too send letters to authors when I am touched by their work. I have received some beautiful responses back as well. I think we all like to hear good things and I am will try to write to more authors this year as well.

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