When Words Count Retreat – Part 2


The People and The Schedule:

IMG_2010As I mentioned in Part 1, the other guests turned out to be children’s writers as well. From left to right: Nancy Tandon (who was working on a MG novel), Enesa (who should definitely be a writer but was there keeping Sarah company), Sarah McGuire (who was working on a YA fantasy), and Cindy Faughnan (my long time writing partner who was working on a revision of a MG novel). We all got along fabulously, and more importantly, we were all dedicated writers, focused on using this gift of time to write, write, write!

Adding to the perfect mix of people – Diane and Paul as I mentioned on Tuesday (and more on Paul in the next post), Steve C. Eisner, the owner and operator of the retreat, and Jon Reisfeld, the VP of Marketing. Both Steve and Jon also offer editorial and PR services for a fee. Everyone was so friendly and nice and welcoming! By the beginning of my first full day there, I felt like I was at home, walking through the house in sock feet and helping myself to coffee, and feeling comfortable enough to just wander the house to find the perfect place to write.

I promise a detailed post about the amazing food, but here, I’ll share the schedule. A farm breakfast was served between 8:30 and 9:30 AM. Our group ate together, chatting about our goals for the day. After breakfast, we all disappeared to our respective writing spots to work the rest of the morning in peaceful silence. Chef Paul rang the lunch bell around noon and we drifted to the kitchen for a buffet style lunch – light and delicious! After lunch, Cindy and I would go for a walk to clear our heads with fresh mountain air. Then, back to writing for the rest of the afternoon! Time would blur until 5:30 cocktail hour when we would all gather in the Gertrude Stein room for wine, beer, and yummy hors’doeuvers and conversation. Steve and Jon would join us and we’d talk about our accomplishments for the day. Dinner was at 6:30 and always incredible! Jon and Steve joined us and the conversation about books, each other and writing would continue in a lively fashion.


After dinner was the hash session were guests could choose to share their work, and we all did. It was so fabulous to hear everyone read a chapter from their WIPs. I can’t wait till I get to read each of the other guest’s complete work as a book I can buy! We were a supportive bunch for sure, with encouraging comments and suggestions.


I am not a night owl so I was in bed by 10 most every night. I slept fabulously and was well rested the next morning.

P1050968I loved how well we meshed as a group and I think we’ll all stay in touch for a very long time to come! here I am with Sarah and Cindy!

Next time: The Food and The Adventure!

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