When Words Count Retreat – Part 3


The Food and The Adventure!

Welcome back to the final installment of my When Words Count Retreat series. In part 1, I talked about The Place and in part 2, I talked about The People and The Schedule. Today, I’m talking food!!! Mmmmm!

IMG_1999Let me introduce you to Chef Paul. He’s not only a genius with food but also friendly and helpful. As he built a fire where I was writing, one afternoon, I took a risk and asked him a question related to a character in my WIP. He gave me a perfect and helpful response. Chef Paul understands the writer, providing a hearty nourishing breakfast to get us going, a light lunch so we won’t feel sluggish and tired in the afternoon, and amazing dinners as a reward for a hard day’s work! I never felt hungry between meals until I smelled the amazing aromas wafting from the kitchen, and I was always satisfied after each meal, never feeling stuffed and uncomfortable. Perfection!

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I loved everything Chef Paul made! From the appetizers to the soups and salads to the main courses to the desserts! Delicious! I had to truly refrain from licking my plate clean every meal. One evening we had The Case of the Missing Apple Crisps. It was never fully solved, but it was entertaining at least. (And no worries. nobody went without dessert.) Some of my favorites were the Norman Mailer stuffed mushrooms, the chili roasted pork tenderloin, the red wine poached pears, and the caramelized onion and cheddar cheese tarts.

Cindy and I had a bit of adventure, too. On one of our walks, we followed the tap lines to a sugar house where a couple was busy boiling the maple sap. We were invited in to take a look around. It was fascinating! My first time (not Cindy’s though) in a sugar house! It was warm and steamy as the gentleman stoked the huge fire for the giant vat. And it smelled like sugar! The wife offered us a sample and how could we turn that down? (We couldn’t.) I expected a small taste but instead she handed us half a mug to share! Whoa! And share we did – we drank that whole mug of pure maple syrup! It was delicious! But, let’s just say I did not need any coffee, tea, or chocolate that afternoon. Maybe that’s a new trick I should use, drink a quarter mug of pure maple syrup in the afternoon to keep me writing!?

It was a heavenly stay at the When Words Count Retreat, and I miss it already. I have never been so productive, so inspired, so well-fed and rested than when I stayed those 3 nights. I hope to return again!

I haven’t forgotten the main focus of this blog, and I promise some great book recs and interviews coming up very soon!

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  1. Debbie,
    Thanks for the great, well-written, write up and pictures! I think you’ve really given people a sense of the overall experience that is When Words Count Retreat. We’re glad you had fun and got a lot of writing done. Hurry back!

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