A Reading Rave – Eleanor & Park


9781250012579_p0_v1_s260x420Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

St.Martin’s Griffin/2013

When I read John Green’s review of this YA novel in the New York Times Sunday Book Review, I knew I’d have to buy this book. I knew it was the kind of book I would love. I was not disappointed.

Sixteen yo Park is probably the only Korean-American, probably the only Asian, in Omaha. Eleanor, just recently moved, wants only to keep her head, her big red haired-head, down. But on her first day as she climbs onto the school bus, she knows that won’t happen – and already feels ostracized, even though the strange Asian kid lets her sit next to him. Day after day they ride in silence, until he notices she’s reading his comics over his shoulder, and then she realizes he’s letting her. And then he’s loaning her his comics, and introducing her to music on his Walkman. And then they fall in love against all odds – a Korean-American boy and a red-headed girl who lives in a rather bleak family situation. Park’s parents accept her (his mother more slowly) while Eleanor must hide her relationship from her family, especially her stepdad. Set in 1986, this is a love story – realistic, heart-wrenching, and honest.

Get thee to the store/library and read this book!

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