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It’s summer! Which means more time for reading! I’ve been making good progress getting through my TBR pile. Unfortunately, some books I’ve not been able to get through, which is always a disappointment. So, i’m asking you – what book/s would you recommend for me, knowing what you know about my reading tastes? (See my reading list on the right and here’s my 2012 reading list.) For summer, I tend to like lighter reads, but I also love diving into literary reads with lush writing as long as the characters are strongly developed and likeable.  I avoid sad and/or depressing stories, although I can read a sad story as long as there’s some hope shining through. I’m not a huge fan of dark humor either. Okay – so give it to me! Looking forward to hearing what you recommend!

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  1. Debbi, my favorite book so far this year is Peggy Riley’s Amity and Sorrow which I read, loved and reviewed for BookBrowse last month…It’s the story of two teen sisters, Amity and Sorrow, and their mother who are fleeing from a Polygamous cult (their mother is the first of fifty wives) Its an adult read, but I would also hand it to older, mature teens without hesitation. If you read it, let me know what you think! XO Sharry

  2. My favorite by far has been one you’ve already read – I’ll Be Seeing You. Just started Out of the Easy by Ruta Sepetys. Will keep you posted, but I’m definitely looking for suggestions!

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