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Highlights Foundation – A Writer’s Retreat


I’m going to digress a bit from my reading raves to talk about my fantastic few days at The Highlights Foundation where I took a Revision Workshop with Harold Underdown and Eileen Robinson. It was in a word -blissful!

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I didn’t take photos of the most important part – the actual workshops – because I was too busy listening to what Harold and Eileen had to share about revision techniques. Okay, I lie – that wasn’t the most important part, even though it was a key element. Everything about this retreat was important!

If you’ve ever considered taking a Highlights Foundation workshop or going for their Unworkshop days (where you go just to work on your own), I highly recommend it! I don’t know that I’ve ever worked so well, so focused over a 4 day period away from home. The lodgings are extremely comfortable and the atmosphere is conducive to writing. It’s quiet and peaceful and there are plenty of places to sit and write, including your room. Meals and snacks are provided – and the food was absolutely delicious. (Confession: I asked for seconds of dessert one night.)

The revision retreat itself was perfect for me – I’m diving into a tough revision of a YA novel. The sessions in the mornings were informative and interesting, and gave us opportunities to put some new techniques into practice. Having the afternoons free for writing (or critique group) time was outstanding. I didn’t know how much real work I would get done in the afternoons (I’m typically a morning writer), but when I sat down to write, the hours flew by! Going on hikes in the gorgeous hills before dinner helped me settle my mind and regroup. Evenings were on our own and varied. The first night, I read and relaxed in my comfy and quiet room. The second night, I wrote. I admit that I hadn’t planned to, but my neighbors all said they would be writing that evening, so peer pressure pushed me to write as well. The third night, a group of us got together to read one another’s work and offer feedback. And the last night (sigh) we had a bonfire and roasted marshmallows and talked about the market. There were 13 of us, plus Harold and Eileen, and our group really connected. I miss everyone!

The days went by too quickly, but the good news is that I carried all the positive energy home with me and worked hard all week. I feel like I’ve gained new insight into revision and am excited to dive into this next draft. Thank you to everyone at the Highlights Foundation, to Harold and Eileen, and my new friends, Kristy, Theresa, Marie, Carole, Nathalie, Betsy, Marie, Taunya, Linda, Raj, Eric, Jennifer, and Catherine! It was a honor and a pleasure!

Check out Kathryn Erskine’s post about this wonderful place. It was when I read her post that I knew I was going to have an amazing time there. For another retreater’s take on this workshop, check out Kristy Boyce’s blog post.

Happy reading and writing!