Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Book Love (5)


For the month of May, in honor of Asian Pacific Heritage Month, I’m sharing some of my favorite reads by/about Asians/Asian Americans.

Today’s featured book is Warcross by Marie Lu.

Page-turning action! When poverty-stricken bounty hunter, Emika Chin, “glitches” into a championship game of Warcross, she is whisked to Tokyo to meet genius founder of Warcross, Hideo Tanaka. He hires her to bounty hunt someone who is trying to hack the championships – and gets her onto a team. Emika has long idolized Hideo and is in awe when he seems to fall for her (and she for him). In the meantime, she is hunting the mysterious and dangerous Zero, and finally enlists her teammates for help, she who is used to working alone. What she ends up discovering will rock her world (and yours). Super fast read! I loved the accuracy of Tokyo descriptions and Japanese cultural quirks, despite this being an alternate universe/futuristic story.

And, bonus! Here’s a link to the cover and first chapter except from Marie’s upcoming sequel to Warcross, Wildcard!

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