AAPI Heritage Month Book a Day 2019 – 16


Continuing from yesterday, I’m sharing another #ownvoices picture book for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. I don’t always see “ninja” picture books (and mentions in media) done accurately or respectfully, so I particularly love the Little Kunoichi: The Ninja Girl books by Japanese American author-illustrator Sanae Ishida. I own both of the first books and was tickled to see there is a third!

Ba-chan: The Ninja Grandma looks to be another winner! And Ba-chan is what my daughter calls my mom! (The proper term for grandma is Obaachan, but we shortened and “cute-tified” it.)

From the publisher:

In this new edition to the Little Kunoichi series, author and illustrator Sanae Ishida introduces us to Ba-chan, Little Kunoichi’s wise, creative, and eccentric grandmother. Anything is possible with Ba-chan!

It’s summer and Little Kunoichi’s friends are away on vacation. After exploring every nook and cranny of her super, super secret island home with her pet, Bunny, she is bored, bored, BORED! Little Kunoichi shares her ideas to spice things up–a new bike, another pet–with her parents. But they have a better idea: a visit to her wise, quirky, and creative grandma, Ba-chan!

Little Kunoichi, joined by her little brother and Bunny, is excited for her visit. They are met with many surprises as they spend time with Ba-chan on an island she made herself and together learn that curiosity, resourcefulness, love, and imagination have more value than things money can buy.


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