Between 2010 and 2011, I interviewed over 30 (mostly) children’s authors in a series called Coffee Break Tuesday.  The interviews focused on each author’s journey to publication and were, I hope, inspirational and informative.

I hope to transfer all these interviews to this blog, but in the meantime, you can click on the links to read the interviews. I hope you enjoy!

Sara Zarr (March 2010)

Elizabeth Scott (March 2010)

Erin Dionne (March 2010)

Jo Whittemore (March 2010)

Jerry Spinelli (April 2010)

Vivian Vande Velde (April 2010)

Melissa Wyatt (April 2010)

David Lubar (April 2010)

Eric Luper (May 2010)

Jeannine Atkins (May 2010)

Cynthea Liu (May 2010)

Linda Joy Singleton (May 2010)

Dianne Ochiltree (June 2010)

Rose Kent (June 2010)

Carol Lynch Williams (June 2010)

Lisa Yee (July 2010)

Jody Feldman (July 2010)

Sarah Darer Littman (July 2010)

Cynthia Lord (July 2010)

Pat Lowery Collins (August 2010)

Lisa Schroeder (August 2010)

Marlene Perez (August 2010)

Maria van Lieshout (August 2010)

Tammi Sauer (August 2010)

Jeannine Garsee (September 2010)

Grace Lin (September 2010)

April Henry (September 2010)

D.L. Garfinkle (October 2010)

Lara Zeises (October 2010)

Kerry Madden (October 2010)

Jo Knowles (October 2010)

Kashmira Sheth (November 2010)

Amy Atwell (November 2010)

E Lockhart (November 2010)

Kathryn Erskine (November 2010)

Kate Messner (December 2010)

Mary Pearson (December 2010)

Robin Wasserman (December 2010)

Jim Averbeck (January 2011)

Holly Thompson (February 2011)

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