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Good Read! 52 Reasons To Hate My Father by Jessica Brody


If I were more clever I’d post 52 reasons why I so enjoy Jessica Brody’s books, but alas, I’m not so clever. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I recently read this book:

52 Reasons To Hate My Father by Jessica Brody (Farrar Straus Giroux/2012)

Lexington Larrabee is the stereotypical spoiled rich daughter of a multimillionaire media mogul and expects to receive her $25 million trust fund when she turns 18, just as her four older brothers had. After she crashes her new Mercedes into a convenience store, drunk, her entire world changes. Her father withholds her trust and to earn it she must successfully complete 52 menial jobs (one a week for a year) and report to his college intern lackey, Luke. Lexi is mortified and the jobs are HARD, especially when sheโ€™s never had to do a thing for herself her entire life.

Jessica Brody takes a character who would be easy to hate, and makes her sympathetic to the readers by making it very clear from the outset that all Lexi wants is the love and attention of her too-distant too-busy father.ย  I loved the scenes involving Lexi and a new job – and I laughed out loud when she had to Google how to turn on a vacuum cleaner at her first job as a maid. The story is filled with humor and emotion, and I was rooting for Lexi the entire time! Great, fast-paced, fun read!

I read Jessica’s previous novel, My Life Undecided, and thoroughly enjoyed that one, too. Jessica does a fun thing and plants “Easter eggs” in her stories – I caught the reference to My Life Undecided while reading 52 Reasons.

What are you reading that you’re enjoying these days?

What’s On My Pile of Books-To-Read


I was torn after I finished reading Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder – do I dive right into the other book of hers I recently purchased (The Magician’s Assistant) or get back to reading MG/YA? It was a tough decision, but ultimately I had to get back to reading MG/YA – not only because I thoroughly enjoy it, but also because otherwise I wouldn’t have much to blog about here.

Here’s what I’m most excited to read this month:

The Disenchantments by Nina LaCour

I am, in fact, about a quarter of the way into reading this book and am so far enjoying it! Recommended to me (well, not to ME personally) via Lucy’s blog, The Reading Date

Small Damages by Beth Kephart

I’m really looking forward to this one as many friends with whom I share reading tastes have raved about it. It’s being called a cross between Juno and Under The Tuscan Sun. That grabs me for sure!

52 Reasons To Hate My Father by Jessica Brody

I’m not even sure what the book is about exactly, but I loved Jessica Brody’s My Life Undecided. Brody has a great sense of humor in her writing, but her story stays away form “light and fluffy” by really digging into her characters. Plus, what a great title!

Liar & Spy by Rebecca Stead

Another book I have no real idea what it’s about, but I read the author’s previous two books and especially loved When You Reach Me. When I fall in love with an author’s books, I will read the new release without even knowing anything else about it. I’m that loyal. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Plus, I’ve been hearing raves about this one!

When You Were Mine by Rebecca Serle

This book cover caught my eye while I was browsing in a bookstore. Star-crossed lovers story. I’m in!

And no doubt I’ll keep adding to this list as I get back into reading blogs. The only issue is keeping up with all the reading I want to do while continuing to focus on my own writing. Quite a balancing act! Happy reading! (And yes, please, do share your recommendations with me! I’m truly happy to add books to my reading list!)