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#KidLitWomen – Book A Day in March (28)


See KidlitWomen for daily links to posts by the children’s lit community, in celebration of Women’s History Month and focusing on improving the climate for social and gender equality. I plan to share my favorite books focused on girl characters and/or written by women through this month.

Today’s featured book is YA novel, Love, Hate, & Other Filters by Samira Ahmed. Love this quote from this book: We must build bridges, conquer hate with love, and meet intolerance with a renewed commitment to education and open-mindedness. From many, we are one.

Senior in high school Maya Aziz has a dream of pursuing a career in film, including going to college in New York – far from her small town of Batavia, IL. Her parents have other ideas, wanting her to be a good Indian Muslim daughter and staying near home (and marrying a Muslim). Maya struggles against her parents’ expectations while nursing an enormous crush on (non-parental approved) Phil. As their friendship/relationship blooms, a terrorist attack in nearby Springfield triggers anti-Muslim hate against Maya’s parents’ dental practice and then suddenly her parents are against her not only leaving to go to college in New York but almost against her leaving the house at all. A story about finding your way when you’re afraid – a story about love and family and growing up, and taking a stand for your dreams. Buy the book!